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How the world sees me:

Diedra Barber has one of the highest integrity of any human I know - period! If an organization or a leader is serious about reaching his/her goals, then get ready for a rigorous application of work. Our organization has doubled in impact measured by the number of students and schools we serve. In addition and as important, our financial model is in line with the integrity of not chasing the dollar to keep the doors open. I can honestly state that I am a stronger leader and have a stronger organization because of her impact on me. And yes she is still on our team!
Dr. JuanCarlos Arauz, Founding CEO E3: Education, Excellent & Equity
We are in a time in history where we must focus our energies on the critical fight for human and civil rights.  Diedra Barber is someone I consistently count on to support powerful growth with integrity, bring laserlike focus on ensuring high impact and offer brilliant ideas, tools and planning that moves groups quickly towards actualizing their mission.

Diedra is one of the most powerful facilitators and managers I've had the pleasure of collaborating with in over 20 years of experience in organizational management.  For over a decade I've watched Diedra lead groups with insight, intellect and unending compassion for the human experience of personal and professional transformation. Watching her facilitate leaves me awestruck at how she balances support for all participants with urgency to move the group to be their most collectively impactful.  I have had the pleasure of co-leading strategic and financial planning with Diedra to support our shared clients and I simply cannot imagine conjuring up a better partner.  Her unwavering dedication, clarity and rigor consistently inspires and motivates me to learn, grow, work hard and get results. 
 Maureen Benson, CEO Education is a Vital Sign
Working with Diedra Barber is a gift-she thoughtfully dialogues and collaborates in planning, implementation and follow-up with humor, warmth, and a sharp eye for meeting both the client and the stakeholder's outcomes. I know when I contract with Diedra I am getting the highest quality partnership. Each project we have worked on has been stronger, tighter, and more impactful than if I had done it alone. Every educator and student who meets her learns from her grace, firm handle on interpersonal dynamics, and humility. With Diedra on board, coaching and consulting becomes work of the heart and soul. I cannot recommend her services enough-it's a totally selfish hire because I know that not only will my clients grow from her nurturing training and teaching, but I will benefit from working alongside her mind that envisions the big picture while also able to handle the small details to make the vision manifest. 
Leora Wolf-Prusan, School Climate & Student Support Specialist WestEd
After working in the education system for over 7 years, I decided to leave direct service and work for a non-profit organization in a completely different industry. After successfully working for the organization as an associate I was promoted to a fill a newly developed management position within the organization.  I found myself in a very new and challenging situation.  Promoted in the middle of our busiest time of the year and excited to help this amazing new organization succeed, I jumped right in. I was ready and expected to innovate.
Excited and raring to go I was immediately confronted by work place obstacles that I was unsure of how to navigate.  On the national team working from a local regional office, there was minimal structure and direction which was new for me, most of our internal communication was via email and text messages, and I was also the first of my gender, race and religious affiliation to serve as a manager in this organization.  Because of these and other factors I reached out to Diedra for communication coaching and training. I hired her as my decision equity and strategic communication coach.
I have worked closely with Diedra for the past 7 years to support my professional and sometimes personal growth in how best to communicate to the world and be heard. She has helped me find my voice, understand the different power dynamics at play and how to communicate about my feelings professionally, in an action orientated way. She assisted me in understanding what responsibility is mine to take versus that of the company and how to speak to these issues with clarity and competence. I received support coaching and training necessary to not only understand the structure of what was happening in my company but also how I could strategically communicate with my different team members.
No matter the issue, Diedra offers on point strategic advice that supports my ability to effectively communicate at work and feel empowered in the process. She is remarkable to say the least.  If you are seeking a partner who will truly hear you and offer direct, poignant, impactful coaching with compassion and empathy, so that you can get out of your own way, own your agency and issues with grace, as well as know how and when to establish boundaries in the work place, Diedra isthe one to contact.
Bari Schwartz, Owner Second 2 None Marketing

Mission, Method & Model

Filament Consulting Group offers:
  • comprehensive business
  • organization strategy development
  • action planning
  • leadership coaching
  • ·goals, vision + mission development
Filament Consulting Group focuses on clients who are dedicated to social justice induced systemic change + infiltration in their mission, vision, goals, product or service.

Social justice in this new era requires not only that we think “outside the box,” but that we know there is no “box” to begin with. In these times, thinking anew is necessary within an understanding of the old.
Filament Consulting Group thinks, acts and feels first and foremost from a social justice viewpoint that is grounded in both an excellent understanding of the current business and nonprofit strategies and rules necessary for success. There is also a keen understanding of how to rewrite, refocus and revision what that success entails for even greater social justice outcomes and growth.
Our mission is to take this understanding and use it to disrupt, infiltrate and change the current system of doing business, most notably its impact on how we work together, thus creating change at its core.
As a principled, impassioned, committed entrepreneur, social justice infiltrator, and systemic change maker I serve new and emerging leaders who have:
  • a vision for lasting social transformation, and the drive to realize that vision through sustained effort,

  • lived experience of exclusion from power, and have an ongoing connection to traditionally marginalized communities,

  • a desire to pursue social transformation through ethically and financially sustainable practices,

  • oriented toward widespread impact via core systemic and infiltration change efforts.
I support the creation of strong foundations built to last by aligning strategy and operations with founder values and visions as well as sound financial and business practices.

I specialize in tactics to engage and coach my clients while holding space for personal development issues and milestones related to race, gender, class, sexuality and/or culture dynamics and realities.         

I endeavor to create an active partnership with each client in pursuit of the client’s goals. 

As the coaching relationships develop, clients discuss and clarify their personal and organizational vision and values, and integrate those into consistent, sustainable business plans and strategies. At the same time, clients and coaches set the terms of their partnerships, making agreements on how they will work together to ensure that the clients fulfill their most vital responsibility: their commitments to themselves.

Why FCG?

FCG clients experience a partnership with a social justice MBA utilizing years of expertise from relevant professional experience. We use up-to-date industry analysis, sound MBA fundamentals, and congruent beliefs about purposes and pathways toward social justice and systemic change.
Clients also receive access to a wider think tank of book-street-soul-smart professionals, with extensive professional experience, astute entrepreneurial skills, nuanced cultural competencies, keen socio-emotional intellects, compassionate and empathic hearts, and lasting resolve to work toward a better world.  

How I see the world:

Filament Consulting Group focuses on and is primarily interested in the work of social justice.  I do not place social justice and social impact within a hierarchy. I believe both are necessary in these times.
Social Justice
  • Systemic change
  • Infiltration of current status quo systems
  • Disruption at core levels
  • Unapologetic
  • Systems thinking
  • Offer actions, work whose end goal is to disrupt, change, infiltrate those systems that produced a cut in services, lack of diversity, racism, classism, sexism, homophobia etc.
Social Impact
  • Necessary on the way to social justice
  • Band-aide of sorts
  • Supporting / helping beneficiaries in need NOW that are caught in systemic issues in the culture
  • Offers work and services to compensate when current political and cultural processes and powers cut services, exploit, exclude, etc.

the story of D

Message from
Diedra Barber
founder + CEO

FCG is a social justice consulting firm in organization strategy development and leadership coaching for GenX-millennial leaders. I specialize in the needs of women, people of color and queer leaders dedicated to social justice-induced systemic change and infiltration in their organiational culture, mission, vision, goals, product and/or service. Real time leadership coaching and customized trainings offer opportunities for systemic long-term culture change and growth.
Most recently I was the chief development business officer, senior curriculum and training designer, and lead facilitator at Scheier & Barber + Group focused in the area of unpacking power and decision-making dynamics for executives and managers in nonprofits.
My background is in education equity, training and facilitation, program management, operations and business development, organizational behavior and change management. I completed my MBA at Mills College in Oakland, California, with a focus in socially responsible business and nonprofit management.
“I appreciate the hard but imperative conversations necessary to empower, engage and explore next-level thinking for true systemic change. I believe in growth and evolving thoughts and have done much work in and continue to strive to develop the courage to speak my truth with self-awareness and respect. I enjoy supporting this same growth in others, particularly with youth and educators. We live in ever changing, fast-paced and difficult times. Over the past 14 years I discovered that the incorporation of compassion, authenticity, transparency and high expectations in the management of people allows for goals and outcomes to not only be reached, but surpassed and executed with more efficiency, innovation and a deeper, more positive impact for clients/partners and the team as a whole.” – Diedra Barber

I have served as a program director for multiple national nonprofits, a chief operations officer for a small for-profit startup, have sat on multiple boards and volunteer mentoring and coaching youth.  
I love TV and books, ranging from Harry Potter Books 1-7 (which I have read multiple times) to anything by Octavia Butler to The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander to The Mind Body Code by Dr. Mario Martinez. You can also find me re-watching the entire series of the X-Files, Star Trek:Voyager, The West Wing or anything Shonda Rhimes/Shondaland. 
Someone asked me to name the one person who inspires me: “It’s hard to pick just one. I am basically in awe of the resiliency and fortitude of black women, known and unknown. When one knows the history of the United States, the fact that we still exist and some of us are actually flourishing and thriving, I am inspired daily.” ​