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Leadership Development

I offer leadership coaching and development for adults and youth as individuals and/or in groups.
Leadership Coaching & Development for Adults: I offer one-on-one coaching in understanding your relationship to others, how to manage, communicate and evolve in the workplace. There is also individual coaching for best practices in how to communicate clearly, overcome roadblocks with any stakeholders, understand how your communication style may be hindering your work relationships and coaching in how to change. I specialize in supporting people to step back, see the structural racism and patriarchy in our own behaviors that often get in our way. I offer step by-step behavior change suggestions to maximize your voice and efficiency.
The leadership coaching service often coincides with my strategy and planning service because of the behavior and change management associated with growth plans and projects. I work with individuals to help them better engage and lead change at multiple organizational levels or for specific projects.

Do you find that you have communication roadblocks during meetings with your excutive team and/or staff? Are you the manager of a team experiencing equity, inclusion and/or diveristy communication issues that are creating a low trust environment, low morale, high turn-over, caustic work place? Do you want to create and foster a more equitable and engaging work culture so that your team can overcome internal issues and get to the external impact work that brought you all together in the first? These are just some examples of what this coaching and training development tackels to support the health of your internal mechanisms and culture to benefit and grow your external impacts.
Leadership Coaching & Development for Youth: This includes group engagements of middle to high school students. I am specifically trained in youth leadership with more than 15 years of experience. I excel at working with and connecting to youth about self-actualization, internalization of agency and owning their voice. This is my favorite consulting work! Working with youth to support in their leadership growth, feeds my soul. Blessed with an ability to connect with people in general, I am thrilled when I am able to use that talent in honor of the youth born into a world they did not create nor ask for.

Do you have a group, school or organization in need of youth focused college and career readiness? Interested in supporting the internalization of power and agency so that youth can feel more empowered and grounded to lead at home, school, and community? Want an engagement training for the youth not normally considered leaders, to support them, to lead climate change initiates on campus?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’m your person.

Communication & Group Dynamics

I offer trainings for organizational behavior change and management for groups that want to work better together and unpack issues in a safe environment with an experienced facilitator.

Are you experiencing a breakdown on your team because of differences in race, gender, age, geography , etc.? Do you feel like, if only you could all get on the same page you, your team could produce so much more? Are issues of gossip, lack of trust, low transparency and fear hindering your team from reaching its fullest potential?

I administer assessment surveys, interviews and customized plans of action, both short term and long term, to teach you how to build trust, grow transparency and access the full power of the talent on your team while juggling a diverse group of people.

Power, Privilege & Equity

Organizational Decision Equity™

Power drives decisions. Decisions are the glue that holds organizations together. A lack of equity and transparency will erode your organization’s ability to drive forward, foster an engaging environment affecting productivity and diminish employee morale. This all negatively affects innovation, efficiency and growth.

My Organizational Decision Equity™ method is a framework of customized trainings for leaders interested in unpacking the issues of power and decision-making wrapped up in inclusion, diversity and equity issues deeply-rooted in most organizations.
I do not agree with nor see the usefulness in many short-term diversity and inclusion initiatives. They are a waste of your time and money. 

My work seeks to help you disrupt mechanisms of structural racism that have been around for millennia. I am extremely good at what I do but power, privilege and equity issues can’t be resolved in a two-hour session. Sure, you’ll feel good for a couple of hours but where’s the cost effectiveness in that? If you are interested in looking into what decisions need to be made, who is making them and whether there is an intentional eye on equity and inclusion, I can help.

I’ll be your consultant and temporary comrade in the arms of organizational change for social justice and impact. My goal is to grow your capacity to do this work on your own. That way you can stop paying me. Spend that revenue and/or grant money on something else, like a new service or program for your beneficiaries with all of the innovation and potential from the talent you will be accessing with a new happy, rejuvenated, inspired team.
I also specialize in executive coaching in power, privilege and equity opportunities that impact management styles, internal communication processes and goals.

Strategy & Planning

I offer strategy and growth planning for social justice-oriented executives (nonprofit and for profit).
I serve new and emerging leaders who have:
  • A vision for lasting social transformation, and the drive to realize that vision through sustained effort
  • Lived experience of exclusion from power, and ongoing connection to traditionally marginalized communities
  • A desire to pursue social transformation through ethically and financially sustainable practices
  • Oriented toward widespread impact via core systemic and infiltration change efforts
I support the creation of strong foundations built to last by aligning strategy and operations with founder values and visions as well as sound financial and business practices.

I specialize in tactics to engage businesses, development, and foundations while holding space for personal development issues and milestones related to race, gender, class, sexuality and/or culture dynamics and realities.
I offer business growth and analytic support including:
  • Market assessments
  • Enterprise assessments
  • Strategic mapping
  • Financial goal objectives

Speaking, Panels & Presentations

I am available for learning and development opportunities in the form of conference speaker, short presentations for individual organizations (including academia), conference sessions, and panel moderation.
I can deliver lecture and/or activity based presentations about organizational decision equity and leadership development for those interested in learning how to move forward in their equity work as it relates to organizational culture, behavior change management and power and decision-making.
I enjoy leading small session groups at conferences through engaging and thoughtful content designed and tailored to my client’s subject matter, as long as it relates to my various areas of expertise.
Panel moderation is a skill that I enjoy honing and delivering. A moderator’s work starts before the event day and I am skilled at preparing panelists, designing the appropriate and direct questions that will enhance a panel conversation without it seeming contrived and practiced. I am a master at managing multiple strong and engaging personalities at once.
Do you have an up coming event in need of a moderator, speaking or presentation related to leadership development, team communication, power, decision-making and equity?  Please contact me. I'd love to explore if my talents can be of use.
On Novemeber 2, 2016 I was honored to moderate an amazing panel at the Governance for Social Impact conference hosted by the New California Arts Foundation.